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Process Equipment

Process Equipment for Creation and Implementation of SANOVA Technologies

Various types of custom proprietary experimental laboratory, production and auxiliary equipment have been designed, manufactured and successfully deployed by SANOVA for investigation, creation and implementation of custom LINTERPROCESS™ and LINHEAT™ based technologies.

Laboratory Experimental Equipment Production Equipment Prototype Additional Auxillary Equipment

Laboratory Experimental Equipment

Initial experimental laboratory equipment with resistive heating LINTERLAB-R1 and R2

Initially, two types of laboratory equipment with resistive heating LINTERLAB-R1 and LINTERLAB-R2 were created by SANOVA (pictured below). This equipment was, and still is, used primarily for conducting initial experiments in creation of new treatment technology for a particular metal or a custom alloy to define treatment parameters and active medium composition.

Laboratory Experimental Equipment

SANOVA’s proprietary laboratory equipment with resistive heating LINTERLAB-R1(a, b) and LINTERLAB-R2(c)

New experimental laboratory equipment with induction heating LINTERLAB-i2

Subsequently, new state-of-the-art proprietary experimental laboratory machine LINTRELAB-i2, equipped with efficient and flexible induction heating (pictured below), was designed and manufactured by SANOVA and successfully used in new treatment technology development for various steels and refractory metals. Test specimens and small real components can be effectively processed on this equipment.


New experimental laboratory equipment with induction heating LINTERLAB-i2

LINTERLAB-R1, R2 and i2 equipment proved to be extremely efficient in creation of optimal treatment protocols on the basis of LINTERPROCESS™ and LINEAT™ technologies and their custom variations and combinations. They are able to process test specimens, standard wear, fatigue, erosion and other types of functional test coupons, as well as small real components of various geometries.

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Production Equipment

Production equipment prototype LINCARB-1

Production equipment prototype LINCARB-1 (Fig. "a" below) was created and used by SANOVA in numerous projects for processing various test and functional specimens, as well as real components.

LINCARB-1 enables SANOVA to treat various production samples and parts with OD up to 5" and L up to 12", and also serves as a functional base for creation of custom production equipment for SANOVA customers for effective treatment of practically any production component from any metal and alloy for achievement of many desired performance characteristics.

LINCARB-1, as most types of SANOVA production equipment, is equipped with ancillary devices, sensors and instruments to provide precise, effective and repeatable treatment of the parts with predictable and consistent results. An innovative automatic programmable computerized system provides both manual and fully automatic input, control, and regulation of treatment parameters such as processing temperature and time of all procedures, position, rotation, and vertical movement of the part, AM temperature and level, sprayer positioning, water and compressed air systems operations. All process parameters and treatment procedures are recorded for each treated component on any of SANOVA laboratory and production equipment, and a full set of process documentation is printed by the control unit.

Custom production equipment LINTERMED-1

SANOVA possesses experience in creating custom production equipment on the basis of LINCARB-1 prototype. LINTERMED-1 (Fig. "b" below) was recently designed and built by SANOVA and deployed at a customer production facility.



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Additional Auxiliary Equipment

Custom auxiliary equipment and tooling was designed and manufactured by SANOVA for use in successful deployment of the experimental and production installations. Such equipment and can be grouped in 6 categories:

  • Equipment for creation of active (AM) and protective (PM) media with necessary chemical composition and properties for enabling of corresponding custom thermo-chemical and heat-treatment processes, individually and combined.
  • Equipment for delivery and control of quantity of AM and PM during any stage and step of processing.
  • Equipment for performing environmentally friendly cooling and quenching of treated parts in appropriate media with necessary cooling rate for any steps of the thermo-chemical and heat-treatment technologies.
  • Equipment for effective heat extraction and temperature control of the equipment during processing to ensure process effectiveness and equipment longevity.
  • Equipment for continuous control and regulation of all processing parameters and for storing/printing process program, graph and parameter data.
  • Protection equipment to protect critical systems from overloading.

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