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Advanced metallurgy research and manufacturing center SANOVA LLC is a leader in development and deployment of custom proprietary highly efficient and cost-effective thermo-chemical processing and heat treatment technologies for performance enhancement of various metals and alloys.


Address: 23-23 Borden Ave., Ste. 232, Long Island City, New York, 11101


Development and commercialization of our new and existing innovative metal processing technologies enabling significant improvement in performance, longevity, reliability and cost-effectiveness of critical materials and components in various applications and industries.


  • Seek and establish strategic technology partnerships with leaders of key markets/industries (see Target Markets)
  • License or sell new custom technologies to strategic customers
  • Perform effective and inexpensive component processing for strategic customers

Dr. Saveliy M. Gugel

Dr. Saveliy M. Gugel

President, Partner

EDUCATION: Ph.D., Physical Metallurgy and Heat Processing, Rostov Academy of Machine Building Technology, Russia, 1965; Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, St. Petersburg State Railway University, Russia, 1962.

EXPERIENCE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Dr. Gugel is the inventor of SANOVA's treatment technologies and concepts. He is a world renowned expert in the field of materials science and engineering, with emphasis on heat and thermo-chemical processing, friction, corrosion and wear of materials and components, increasing of reliability and longevity of machines, equipment and tooling.

His extensive theoretical and experimental research and development in these fields resulted in significant innovations and were applied in such fields as atomic, boiler and diesel power stations, diesel and electrical locomotives, cars and trucks, farm equipment, metal working machines, gas turbines, diesel and carbureted engines, and many others. Since 1960, Dr. Gugel has held a variety of leadership positions in well-known research institutions of the former Soviet Union, including Head of Physical Metallurgy and Thermal Processing Laboratory of the Research Institute of Machine Building Technology, Chief Metallurgist and Head of Physical Metallurgy and Thermal Processing Division of the National Design and Engineering Institute of Atomic Machines and Boiler Manufacturing, Head of Advanced Technology Department and Scientific Leader of Special Physical Metallurgy, Thermal and Thermo-chemical Processing Research Division at the Institute for Advanced Training of Machinery Building Enterprises for Managers and Specialists.

In the USA, since 1992, he served as a Research Professor at New York Polytechnic University from 1993 till 1998. In 1996 he formed the Research and Manufacturing Center Sanova Polytech, Inc., which was integrated into SANOVA LLC in 2005. Dr. Gugel holds 16 patents and authored more than 250 books and papers in the field of materials science and engineering.

Gene Ostrovsky

Vice President, Partner

EDUCATION: M.S. Computer Engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 1986, B.S. Electrical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ 1982.

EXPERIENCE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Gene came to SANOVA with extensive executive management experience in operations and marketing/sales, as well as strong technical, engineering and computer backgrounds. Gene held senior executive positions in such companies as IBM, Price Waterhouse, LA Gear and Warnaco and possesses a record of significant accomplishments as an entrepreneur, having started and led a number of successful start-ups. Gene leads M&S and Business Development activities for SANOVA, participates in technical project fulfillment and together with Dr. Gugel defines strategic direction for the company. Gene co-authored several technical papers with Dr. Gugel at SANOVA.

Gene Ostrovsky

Anatoly (Tony) Samgorodsky

Anatoly "Tony" Samgorodsky

Metallurgy Specialist, Partner

EXPERIENCE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Tony is a technical consultant to the company. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and a successful businessman with a number of commercially successful companies in the past and present. Tony is also an expert in commercial metal fabrication and founder and former president of ANSAM Corporation, a successful metal fabrication company.